Uptime Monitor

Simple uptime monitor. Running from the cloud, you don't need to install any software anywhere. One click to enable it and you are ready to go.

Running a CMS (like WordPress, Joomla or osCommerce)? We support it as well. And we even alert if your database goes down or if your site is throwing errors.

Ready to get started? Sign up here! (yes, it is that easy)

Contacting us

We can be contacted at the following addresses: sales@gudado.com or support@gudado.com.


Your information is secure with us. We encrypt your personal information, making it only available to you. We have full audit trails and access control options so you are the one in control of your data. If you have any security concerns or questions, email us at security@gudado.com.


Gudado is a project by SUCURI, LLC.

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